Global Partners in Education Journal, Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

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Global Partner’s Intellectual Disclosure

Sadia Mukhtar, Adeela Rehman


Fatima Jinnah is a public university for women in Pakistan which is providing a quality education to its students. In 2014, the students of this university were given an opportunity to take the Global Understanding course with the students of two foreign universities: East Carolina University (ECU), USA and the University of Abou Bekar Belkaid Tlemcen (UABT), Algeria.  Our experiences in global education and interaction with global partners were very good. It was not only the opportunity to interact with international students through video-conferencing, but also provided us a forum to share each other’s culture. This was a unique course for our course of study which is not based on any lecture or handouts. It is based on personal interaction with our international partners during which we learned extensively about other cultures.


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