Educational Values in Kyrgyzstan: Their Transformation and Challenges


  • Zyinat Esenalieva Kyrgyz-Turkish ‘Manas’ University


Kyrgyzstan has an interesting history in the frame of education. In the 1920's, education was the last thing people valued. But today, they are ready to give their savings to get a good education. That's why teachers and trainers are doing their best to learn effective ways of providing a good knowledge. Currently, teaching methodology is facing a crucial problem.  Even though teachers are being taught different interactive and collaborating methods of teaching, most teachers do not show this in practice. The aim of most private schools is to prepare global citizens and this is a new and unique attitude in my country. I believe that our positive results from encouraging our students to take part in the learning process will promote interactive learning in other schools. My research illustrates these challenges as well as the changes of educational values.