Use of New Media in Intercultural Communication Instruction


  • Mariko Eguchi Department of Policy Studies University of Shimane
  • Sachiyo M Shearman School of Communication East Carolina University


The context of Intercultural Communication has changed drastically since its establishment due to advancements in information and communication technologies. The authors conducted an online survey among instructors of intercultural communication courses to inquire into the use of new media as a tool for teaching. We found that about half of the respondents used new media to facilitate online interactions of their students with other students, experts, and individuals with diverse backgrounds from other countries, in order to foster intercultural communication competence. Despite the perceived benefits, the instructors reported many challenges in the use of new media for teaching Intercultural Communication. This research presents the diverse ways in which new media are incorporated in the teaching of Intercultural Communication and identifies the future direction of research focused on development of Intercultural Communication instruction in the 21st century.