Inclusion of Students in Research Activities: A Development of an Observatory at the International Level


  • Andres M. Castro Department of International Business Universidad Piloto de Colombia


During the last few years, the participation of students in research activities particularly focused on international topics has taken an important role in the education process, especially in programs related to international issues such as international affairs or international business in order to involve them in a more international context. As a result, the Observatory of Foreign Trade Agreements (OFTA) was developed whose purpose is to identify the evolution of national commercial activities from the foreign trade perspective. This takes into account not only the economic sectors but also both full time professors and students conducting research.  This has been an ideal tool for developing an interest in the internationalization process for the students. Therefore, this Observatory has focused its attention on the relationship between national and global activities for students from both the perspective of an institution or an economic sector and its impact on the economic development of the country.