The terrifying truth behind beautiful fairy tales


  • Paulina Szot Krosno State College Krosno, Poland
  • Justyna Warchoł Krosno State College Krosno, Poland


Key words, Assessment, Writing Skill, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Learners’needs.


Children from around the world hear beautiful stories about princesses saved by brave princes. Everyone knows Disney: it is the world's largest film production company which makes movies for children. Many people grew up watching their stories. But did you know that some of these fairy tales are based on real, tragic stories that happened to real people? How are the characters of children around the world shaped when they watch movies about weak princesses who need protection? We think it is really important to talk about this because such stories exist all over the world, and they promote stereotypes which children from every continent and virtually every culture learn.





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