Global Understanding as the Rosetta Stone of Global Education: GU fitting within the Spanish educational system and knowledge brokering initiatives from vocational training programs.


  • Cristina Álvarez Villanueva Institut Francesc Ribalta Valencia, Spain
  • María Mercedes Jiménez Vilallonga Institut Francesc Ribalta Valencia, Spain
  • Reyes Felip Cuevas Institut Francesc Ribalta Valencia, Spain
  • Maria del Carmen Molés Juste Institut Francesc Ribalta Valencia, Spain


New media, intercultural communication, online interactions, information and communication technologies


F. Ribalta is taking part for the first time in the international Global Understanding program. In this presentation we would like to show the outcomes at an initial stage regarding its fitting within the Spanish education system. At this stage, students take part outside their formal curriculum, as they are involved in different forms of education: Upper secondary school (night school and distance learning Baccalaureate) and vocational training programs (blended and face-to-face tuition). The data compilation from students with different profiles show that the feasibility and advisability of including GU as part of the formal curriculum should be explored. Moreover, the two-way exchange of information and views from GU college students and our students from social work and community services programs is an added value for the quality, depth and frankness of discussion.





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