The Thought of the Relationship between Man and Nature in Wandering About Freely and its Modern Value


  • Yuqian Liu Baotou Teacher’s College Baotou, China


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Wandering About Freely is the masterpiece of Zhuangzi, an ancient Chinese philosopher, which contains thoughts about the relationship between man and nature. It uses the symbolic approach to explain the author's main ideas through several stories about animals and people. Zhuangzi of the Taoist school believes that the nature of man is the same as nature. People should return to their natural nature, and at the same time conform to nature and get along with nature. These thoughts of Taoism are reflected in this article of Zhuangzi. Moreover, such an idea is of great value to us in dealing with the relationship between man and nature today, when environmental issues are prominent. In this article, the first part will be an analysis of Wandering About Freely, and the second part will be based on the above analysis to illustrate the philosophical ideas contained therein. The last part is to link the thoughts with the environmental problems in the world today and explore its significance in the modern era.





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