Virtual Environment and Social Skills Development


  • Noureddine Mouhadjer Tlemcen University
  • Mohammed Kheladi Tlemcen University
  • Mohammed Amine Belaid Tlemcen University


The use of the videoconference technology has recently become a promising field in network-based language teaching (NBLT). In the foreign language context, the significance of this technology lies basically in providing students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful speech interactions and, therefore, creating a supporting learning environment that enables them to develop real-life cross-cultural conversations, particularly with native speakers. On this basis, the present paper seeks to assess the impact of implementing such technology on students’ social skills development. More importantly, it makes use of the Global Understanding Project to show the extent to which virtual intercultural encounters can affect the development of tolerance, respect and understanding among students in a world driven by its complex multiculturality; a world within which successful communication means a great deal.

Author Biographies

Noureddine Mouhadjer, Tlemcen University

Professor Noureddine Mouhadjer teaches intercultural communication at the Department of Foreign Languages, at Tlemcen University in Algeria. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and his primary research interests include communication technologies in linguistics and cross-cultural interaction.

Mohammed Kheladi, Tlemcen University

Dr. Mohammed Kheladi is an associate professor currently working at the Department of English, Tlemcen University, Algeria. He holds a PhD in the Didactics of Literature. He has been teaching English for ten years now. His field of interest is literature and civilization.

Mohammed Amine Belaid, Tlemcen University

Mr. Mohammed Amine Belaid is a PhD student of comparative literature at the department of English at Tlemcen University in Algeria. He holds a Master degree in Anglo-Saxon literature and civilization and currently works as an assistant teacher of English literary studies at the same university.





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