Nobel Women: Drama Pedagogy for Global Citizenship Education


  • Dorothy E. Blanks University of Tennessee


Theatre, Children, Storybook Theatre


In response to the need for teacher training in global citizenship education (GCE), a workshop was designed and led for a group of teacher educators at a large, southeastern university in the United States.  Research-based instructional approaches for teacher training in global education were combined with the Oxfam (2006) GCE framework, drama pedagogy, and the lives of women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize.  The result was a workshop that encouraged teachers to include elements of GCE in their teaching, as well as the belief that the individual can make a difference.

Author Biography

Dorothy E. Blanks, University of Tennessee

Dorothy Blanks is a doctoral candidate (ABD) at the University of Tennessee in Teacher Training: Social Studies.  Her experience living and teaching in Eastern Europe and Asia for two decades has resulted in a commitment to global education.